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I am contemplating impermanence. I am using it to justify deleting most of my posts so I don’t have to migrate them. ^_^


I just got a new laptop (a long story that I will document some day), and I had to transfer my account over from the old one. I used rsync to do it, and everything works just as I had it. I know that this is how it works, but little things like this make me realize how cool this tech is. I am glad I do the work I do. ^_^

Leaving the WBC

April 10, 2015 — Leave a comment

My friend Sarah wrote this interesting piece on Megan Phelps-Roper. As someone that has followed the Westboro Baptist Chruch’s activites for close to a decade, this is a welcome addition to their chronicle.

That NFC stands for National Football Champions Conference makes it very frustrating to find near field communication jewelry.


February 15, 2015 — Leave a comment

We suspect that one of the kitchen light fixtures burns out bulbs too quickly. Marking this post as the day we replace them, for reference. Also, getting CFLs. There is a suprisingly large amount of light bulb information available for non-home owners. I just want the most healthy light with the least ecological footprint. That should be easier.

I am about to do something really strange. I am going to rebuild this site, my personal blog, one month at a time, in chronological order.

The primary reason is because I can. I think I take it for granted that I both understand the tech well enough to know the consequences, combined with the fact that I don’t really care. I’ve been working on some other sites, and I think it is time I broke my content up in a way that I want, historical/canonical record be damned.

This site that lives at is going to become my journal. If my technical posts aren’t too personal, they will go to And for gaming/media/RPG, that is going to a new, unnamed project I am just starting up.

So if you are reading this, please excuse my mess; things are about to get radical around here. ^_^

Home Petite Home In the Pacific Northwest, people with nowhere else to go are forming micro-communities with communal kitchens and toilets but teeny, individual sleeping units. Could tiny homes, once the provenance of design blogs, help curb homelessness nationwide?


January 17, 2015 — Leave a comment

My friend Jason took his own life around the the new year.

I’ve been staring at the first line for 15 minutes, so I suppose I ought to get on with this. It hurt a lot, and it will probably hurt a lot more, for a while longer.

I had a lot more to write, but stuff just kept coming up, and I instead thought about it a lot.

I am very angry, and sad. I normally calm down and then talk to the person, but I don’t get to do that now, and that sucks.

I am grateful for my family, and Jason was a part of that, and I’ve dealt with a lot of loss in my short time, and I feel like I can handle this in a general way, even if I am not so sure about the specific details of processing and letting others know.

Or maybe I just don’t have a lot to say because it is holding in a lot of other things. That could be a coping mechanism, letting a little bit out at a time.

I love Jason. Folks will say all kinds of things about why he did this, and about the relative respite he will have now. But I don’t like that, and since Jason isn’t here I am going to be selfish and say I wished he had stayed here for me, and Susan and Clover, and the many people I’ve contacted that knew and loved him.

But mostly for me.

Welp, I am going in for an unscheduled, urgent root canal this afternoon. Nothing quite suppresses strong emotions like intense pain the face. Or behind it. Or, whatever.

Meh, I am taking the rest of the week off.