The ways to contact me are listed below in the order of preference. I don’t have to know you, but you should share something about yourself with me if you are contacting me out of the blue. Also, if I don’t get back to you right away, I could just be “offline” right then. If that is the case, it is always a good idea to punctuate your message with a joke, or maybe a Chuck Norris fact. Make me smile, and I will want to get back to you. ^_^

  • Jabber/XMPP: – This should be the first way you get a hold of me. Jabber accounts are easy to get a hold of, and you probably already have one (every Gmail account is one).
  • SMS/texting: 415-367-4835 – This is a good way to send me short messages, especially when you are mobile and don’t have access to anything else. You can text all you want, but if you call me and I don’t have your number I won’t pick up. Don’t call me unless you know me. You may not talk to me without being physically near me.
  • Status updates: – I have a StatusNet instance that will allow you to connect to me on the federated social web. Don’t be a chump and invite me to Twitbook or Facer; I don’t respect such behavior. I use this here site for status updates.
  • E-mail: – Treat this like mail, send me long messages that are meaningful, or which have required attachments. If you send me an e-mail that would have been better suited as an instant message or text, I will mock you. Do it repeatedly and I will mock you publicly.