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Violence in games

February 7, 2013 — Leave a comment

Struggling with violence in games, and how I want to deal with it.

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Whoo, been a long day! I almost didn’t make this post today, but it turns out like most World Order videos, it is the perfect way to decompress before resting.

This video starts out with some great shots of what looks like an area in Kyoto, kept up in a style from the past. Basically, where every highschool aged person goes to for festivals (in anime), and where every samurai rebellion happens (in anime, and sometimes for reals). I love it!

However, what really gets me about this video is that it is more tender and personal than the others, with the crew interacting differently than in past videos. Their hand movements and patterns, while still synchronized in a machine-precise way, are more intimate. I know, that sounds like a funny assessment, but I think it is part of the narrative. It could be that the robot salary men are becoming more human with each message. We’ll have to see how it develops. ^_^

Oh, and we got to see some ninja signing and techniques being done! Genki Sudo really held back, considering his background. That sequence was well done, especially considering how many times they had to perform it, in different locations.

Okay, next video in a couple of days, with a very interesting message, and their most intricate scene yet!

World Order in Mexico! Extended-arm bits, and kawaii families! ^_^

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Tropes vs. Women in Video Games is a project by Anita Sarkeesian, to discuss the roles in which women are cast in video games. It is a cool project, and e has been harassed for it. gg, hate gamers.

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Game of Lances

April 22, 2012 — 1 Comment

Game of Thrones is getting more violent, and I am choosing to re-read Dragonlance, instead.

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The LARP Effect

February 9, 2012 — 1 Comment

The LARP Effect, not just for goth-punks (anymore).

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Writing a bible

February 8, 2012 — 2 Comments

I had an idea of biblical proportion. What a horrible pun.

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A convergence of ideas, somewhat distilled: the past is in its death throes, and will fight to exert control.

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Google Currents

January 4, 2012 — 2 Comments

Google Currents is a curated magazine app for tablets and other mobile devices. There is more potential here than Google is letting on.

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