How is this still a thing: watching the debate requires flash?!

I’ve tried in a handful of places online to watch the first debate between Clinton and Trump. In every place I get a similar message:

An surprising message saying flash is required to view the debate

That screenshot is from the inappropriately named site, “Watch the Debates“. Microsoft, I expect worse from you, but PBS, c’mon, this could be your last year of funding, don’t you want folks to see how this pans out?

Anyhow, does anyone know where I can find a video or audio recording of the first 2016 US Presidential Election debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

Update: Watching the PBS NewsHour YouTube coverage: youtube-dl

My #1 Ubuntu issue: running out of boot space

About once a quarter I have to visit the discussion and answers at How do I free up more space in /boot?. I should probably just note this here, for reference:

dpkg -l linux-{image,headers}-"[0-9]*" | awk '/^ii/{ print $2}' | grep -v -euname -r | cut -f1,2 -d”-“` | grep -e ‘[0-9]’ | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge

I’ve run into this issue across multiple installs, for years! I’ve tried default partitioning, and various custom setups, but I am not sure it is the size of /boot that is the problem.

I’ve tracked a few bugs on Launchpad, but nothing conclusive has been done, because I am still dealing with this. Ideally, upon running a new kernel, the older versions would be auto-removed.

Recording this now, so I can track my own spiral into despair. ^_^

What does MailChimp infer about you?

I got a message about MailChimp including pre-built segments for customer use. The demographics segments are as follows: Male, Female, Under the Age of 35, Over the Age of 35.

I don’t like that. I spend enough time avoiding labels and being marketed to. I want out. So I am unsubscribing from any lists hosted by MailChimp. I know it won’t make much of an impact, but that is one less “vendor” I will worry about tracking me for marketers.