The irony of mailing lists in my life

I have run a personal mailing list for my tribe since October 2006. In that time I have never, ever had an issue with it. It runs Mailman 2.1.11. There are about twenty-five people on it. Not a problem.

In the last week I have had three other lists, all associated with my work, either disappear, cause me to auto-renew dead domains, or just randomly start bouncing messages from specific users. What the hell?

I like mailing lists, I really do. Well, I like mine. Most other lists end up being bogged down by messages from people I don’t know, and sent to my mailbox for processing and end up being deleted in bulk. I am highly irritated that this last week of work has been sprinkled with error messages and panicky e-mail from folks who won’t even visit the website to figure out what is going on.

Okay, I think my rant is over after… ARRRRRGH!

There. ^_^

One thought on “The irony of mailing lists in my life”

  1. I find e-mail increasingly difficult to manage, I’m trying to find more ways to get away from it. Mostly because I just end up feeling guilty about it. I need a tool or a strategy that makes it easier for me to get from information input or message to action or response….

    • Amy Gahran

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