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I pay attention to the occasional notices that are posted at the top of our Basecamp account. They always give a little insight into where 37signals is going with their products. Today there was a survey posted, and being the type of person who enjoys giving people feedback I popped over and filled it out.

So, why would I mention this, a company’s online survey, one among many that are posted everyday? To start, it was enjoyable. It made me laugh. It made me think (and not just about their product; see below [after you have filled out the survey])! And above all it made me feel that there were real people behind this, and that is something that resonates with me. I imagine (and am kinda betting on) that other people feel the same way.

Among the normal questions about “how do you use this” or “how can they improve that” were gems that cut through and broke up the monotony of the survey. The first one that caught me was “How’s your day going?”, which included answers like “Best day in a while” and “None of your effen business”. At the end there was even a place to enter a haiku competition. Fun stuff.

I was inspired to share two answers of mine, but they ask you to define these words without looking it up first, so if you are going to fill out the survey, don’t read below just yet.





The first word to be defined was nudiustertian.

maiki’s answer: Transparency in political action.

Wiktionary says: of the day before yesterday

Second word was tyrotoxism.

maiki’s answer: Physical symptons resulting from radiation exposure in zero-gravity environment.

Wiktionary says: Poisoning by cheese or other dairy products.

I… wasn’t even close on the first one.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed filling out our survey! We’ve all filled out one too many boring, stiff surveys so we figured we’d have some fun with this one. And thanks for using Basecamp!

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