New bicycle

I got a new bicycle. I will say it was a birthday present for America. But for me. And America. Anyhow, picture!

It was a good deal, on sale and with th u-lock it was about $250. It is super light, so easy to carry and I feel every bump in the road. It is a single speed, which I was dubious about since my last bicycle (which Kevin has now). After riding around I feel that the Dahon was too small for me. This one has a great feeling resistance in it, and I can ride around quickly without tiring. Yay!

Within an hour of purchasing it I was riding down Addison, thinking it was a nice street to ride on with how little traffic it has. I was going a decent speed, easily matching how fast cars are supposed to be going. One motorist decided they couldn’t wait behind me, and tried to pass… at a speed bump. So, they had to slow suddenly and got irate, blah blah blah. As they passed a backseat passenger rolled down their window and yelled, “Bitch! White bitch!”


I try to stay positive on my weblog, but seriously, how pathetic is that? It is easy enough to ignore the mustered racism in the remark, and even that fact that they are trying to insult or scare me. I just don’t get the whole picture. It bummed me out because their life must suck compared to mine, and they seem like the type of person who doesn’t take responsibility for their actions. No doubt they don’t see larger issues like sustainability and social responsibility. They think that yelling out windows at cyclists is worthy of their efforts. That sucks.

Besides that I got a lot of compliments on how pretty my bicycle is. I wonder how long it will stay pretty. ^_^

Susan has some photos of the weekend as well. We watched fireworks at the Berkeley Marina last night, here is a shot of the throng coming back over the bridge on University.

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