Apple continues to irritate me

I picked up orenji today, from the Apple store. I thought my computer problems were over. I was incorrect.

When I picked it up, I noticed that a screw was missing from the side of the chassis. I brought this to the attention of the person helping me, and they took it in back for five minutes, annoying everyone in line behind me. Meanwhile, three Apple store employees lounged nearby, with no one to help…

Anyhow, when they returned, they informed me that it was aesthetic, the screw didn’t hold anything on, and they didn’t have one that fit, but I could leave my computer with them and they could check it back in. For a screw.

Obviously fed up, I signed for it and left. I went to a cafe nearby, and the computer is working great. It wasn’t over-heating, and it is operating as I expect it to. It was nice having it back. Then I got home.

We have a large conference table, our dining and working area. I unpacked orenji and placed it on the table, and was treated to this horrible scraping sound. I thought I set it on some small rocks or something, so I wiped the table and placed it again; same sound. Turns out the pads on the bottom of laptop, one in each corner, are gone. Instead there are four round pieces of plastic that the laptop now sits on, and the slightest movement (say, from typing) causes it to shift and scrap the surface it is on.

I called the store, and they told me that I would need to make an appointment with the Genius Bar. I asked them if they were serious, and they acted as if that would be the fastest way. They obviously have never tried to get an appointment there. Besides one at 10:30AM tomorrow, the next one would be in the evening on Thursday. They said I could probably just come in and talk to someone, so I took their name and am planning on it.

The morale of the story is that I took my computer is to be fixed, and they broke it in a different way, and are no bending over backwards to fix it when made aware of it. That is sub-par customer service, and I am tired of this process.

2 thoughts on “Apple continues to irritate me”

  1. I think Apple’s problem is that they believe their own hype. They tell themselves that they’re the brilliant, innovative saviors of the universe, and therefore they don’t need to actually do anything to make that happen.

  2. I’d highly recommend bypassing the “geniuses” and calling up AppleCare directly. After telling them about a bad experience in the store when a “genius” told me to put glue in my power supply in order to retrieve the piece of broken power connector, they wasted no time in shipping me a box to send my computer in to be fixed. The turn around time is very good, and whoever they have fixing things seem to know what they are doing.

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