Magic wash line

We do a lot of laundry now. At least a load every two days. It trips me out, because I imagine thousands of years where children had one or two pieces of cloth that wrapped around them. It isn’t a huge leap to imagine children in warmer climates just walking around naked all the time.

For us, most of our wash is pee related, as far as Emma’s clothes go. Susan and I could go probably once a week doing a load of laundry, but now we can just combine Emma’s pajamas, onesies, pants, diaper covers, cloth wipes, blankets, sleep sacks, and wraps to our daily shirt or pants.

I’ve moved around a lot, though in the last few years it has slowed down tremendously. Only a couple of places had washing machines. Now, it will likely be a requirement. I’ve always hated going to laundry places, so much so that I had once documented how I would run one that was both clean and interesting.

I fully intend to leverage as much technology as possible to spend time with Emma, and to remain engaged in my own life. So, let’s get on that green energy already. ^_^

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