Tower of Shadows

Let’s play Old School Hack (read the PDF [3MB])!

I am going to run a game through my blog. It is experimental, but may lend itself to the time constraints and other limitations of meeting regularly and learning complex rules, as my in-person games tend to have.

The way I plan on doing it is by presenting chapters, each a blog post. It will be the set up, an initial scene or battle, and any additional info that should be referenced from a past chapter. Most of the action will happen in the comments! Using the reply function, we can create threaded discussions of what is happening. The combat system in OSH is composed of stating your action and having it fall on one of 7 steps (read the PDF), which I think should make it fairly easy to computer and articulate in comments.

I think this will work!

If you would like to play, read the rest of this post, then through the game, pick a class, and post a comment. ^_^

Format changes

There are very few changes that need to be made to play in this format/medium.

First of all, I will be making all the rolls, or more specifically, some random dice roller will be. Whenever a roll is required, I will post the results of both the roll, as well as the contest the roll is for.

There is something called face dice in OSH, and the last die in each roll will be considered it.

Rather than rolling for the attributes at character creation, each player may assign bonuses to their characters, equaling up to +4. No more than +3 may be assigned to a single stat, nor lower than -2. Example: +3, +2, 0, -2, +1, and 0 would work, because it adds up to +4.

As per the rules, each player chooses a class and they own it for that campaign. That means there are seven player slots. They will be taken on a first come, first serve basis (in the comments). Classes available are:

  • Fighter – Dan (via discussion)
  • Magic UserSusan (via across the table)
  • ClericKevin (via phone)
  • ThiefGautham (via comments, like someone who reads)
  • Elf – Randy (via comments, also can read)
  • DwarfJudy (via text)
  • GoblinChris (totally web literate)

That is all I can think of for now. There may be other things, but we will just deal with it as we go.

Make sure to read through the gaming guidelines, which is a bunch of fascist rules I made up that you have to follow to be in my game. ^_^


The game will take place in the world of Orthos. It is your standard, generic fantasy world, heavily informed by the Elder Gods’ exposure to anime and video games.

Tower of Shadows

You will be in a party of adventurers, some of whom you may have known your entire life, and some that you met only recently, when hired to follow up on a rumor of something called the Tower of Shadows. Your benefactor in that adventure turned out to be the local spymaster for the region’s ruling noble. While your party was able to wipe out a den of brigands that had been harassing the local trade routes, you found only a single clue on their leader: a single tarot-type card with a black tower drawn on it.

Trusting the momentum of this new band of adventurers, you are eager to sent forth and find out what this mysterious rumor refers to, whether a group of people, an ideology, or an actual place. Surely many secrets and treasure wait to be found (and hoarded). The spymaster recommends you make your way towards the Free Town of Altrin, where the brigands were supposedly fencing their stolen goods.

Your adventure begins!

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  1. Chapter 0 will be character creation and description, so we have one post for all that stuff. You can get started now, of course, and contact me or comment with your character sheet/stats here.

  2. I’m up for knowing at least one fellow party member ahead of time. Write me (gmail, dan.percival) to coordinate our alibi.

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