Drafted, 2007

Recently I realized I had 55 drafts, going all the way back to 2007. WTF, maiki?! So, in order to remedy this, I am combining my old drafts into posts, hopefully capturing the feel of what I couldn’t talk about then. Here we go!

In 2007, I only had three drafts. That means I either didn’t write enough, or I was better at deleting drafts.

I had wanted to talk about really small video games, but only got this anecdote out:

I once created a module for Neverwinter Nights. Only a few people played it. I spent weeks of time on it, hand-crafting every small detail to go along with the whole. I was really excited about it, but I had an issue that eventually killed it. I hate admitting stuff like this, because I feel like I am giving up, surrendering to reality, and thusly killing some very specific dreams.

I guess I hated admitting it enough to stop there. My next draft had me reflecting on “mediated user experience”, comparing Drupal and MediaWiki:

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the difference between content management systems that have user interaction (such as Organic groups in Drupal), and less mediated systems (like MediaWiki).

I define a mediated experience as something planned for a site visitor. In some systems this is very strict, such as with a news site that allows limited, if any, commenting. Somewhere along the line we come to more user interaction, but with more technical structure, like a forum.

This is pretty hilarious, considering my relatively recent decisions on building structured data; I am over Drupal, and am replacing it with MediaWiki. In fact, I spent a chunk of time setting up the Semantic MediaWiki extensions today. One could say I am still thinking a lot about that. ^_^

The last draft of that year should have been short and concise:

Since installing Gallery on my site I have been looking at ways to streamline the workflow of snapping an image and then getting it up on the site with all the metadata I want attached. I just finished installing and updating Adobe CS3 on Cloud, which happens to be Susan‘s iMac.

Bridge never worked correctly on the Intel, so I was testing out the new version and digging what I saw. I went to look at adding copyright information and I saw that there was an Adobe Metadata Panel entry in the CC Wiki. It allows you to add an XMP field to a file, which can be created when you create a license on the site.

Not sure why I didn’t finish this one, since it was just to give a shoutout to CC licensing in the Adobe Metadata Panel. I cringe to think that I was into an Adobe product enough to blog about it. The process I was excited about has changed since then, and seems like a lot of trouble for something that should be very easy. However, it is nice to revisit the memory, and see where I’ve come from. I hardly use any closed software anymore, and I’ve got over 5 years of CC usage under my belt. Sweet!

Okay, next draft post will be for 2008! There are eight posts from that year, so maybe it will be a multi-part post. ^_^

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