Ack, photos!

I take a lot of photos everyday. It is part of being a parent, I am sure. What I mean is, I take a lot of photos of Clover every day. I haven’t really posted any since August. That means hundreds of photos that need to be processed. This post will be how I publish/share them, and another one will be how I tag and store them.

I have this MediaGoblin site. It is great, and always getting better (and could use your help with a donation, by the way!). The thing is, it doesn’t have a specific feature that I need, which is the ability for folks to comment without having an account. My instance is kinda borked as it is, I honestly don’t even know how to create new accounts, but I don’t want to either, because one day it will federate, and I want folks to go get their own instance (and by that I mean I want to install it for them ^_^).

There is also the matter of content; I don’t want to post every photo I take on that site. I want it to be partly stream of delight, but also kinda be the best of the best. It makes more sense when you realize that I basically make stop-frame animation with the sports action setting. Capturing a magic moment of an infant/toddler requires 5 shots a second! I don’t want to flood the site with so many photos that look the same if one squints at them.

Taking those together, and influenced by my work/play with WordPress, it made sense to set up a site with those multi-shot sessions in mind. And so A daily dash of Em came into existence!

A quick aside, I frakin’ love wordplay, as much as typography! ^_^

The two sites have different foci. The MediaGoblin site I’ve described above. For emdash, I wanted to use it as a daily journal capturing Clover’s development, but also leveraging all the great gallery tools that WordPress has for posting photo sequences. Like for when Clover drinks water.

I think MediaGoblin will get there one day, with the galleries and all that, but it isn’t a journaling tool in the way I need, and that is what I needed for keeping up with this little one. I am sure I will figure out how to merge the two sites so it is easier to find all the photos of Clover.

In my next post I will talk about how I allay my paranoia about losing photos using complicated computer skills that will likely not be very helpful to other folks. ^_^

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