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Bumping around in my head: we should stop saying ebook(s).

Stories, albums, articles. None of them have an “e” in front. And while there are some hiccups in implementation, there isn’t a fundamental difference between print and digital books, at least no more than there are between different types of print and digital books; consider that print can be formatted to different standards, with different materials, while digital versions have different features in rendering.

One group has a stake in calling them ebooks: publishers. It is the same reason Macs aren’t called PCs, despite them being personal computers. They are presented as a different artifact, one which uses different rules. I propose we stop playing that particular game.

3 thoughts on “Just books”

  1. I try to say “digital books” when I’m referring to books that are presented as a file and not a codex. It’s a little clunky and not quite right, but I think the transition from that to just saying books is a little clearer.

    It’s like you might say “paperback- ” or “hardcover book” when you need to draw a distinction, I think. Maybe they should be “bitback books.”

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