2 thoughts on “Super Adventure Box!”

  1. LOLWUT?

    That is such a throwback. I love how it just knocks all that crap off the dresser.

    btw, my Windows drive seems to have died (well, really it just refuses to boot… I can still mount it and access files), so I might not play for a while. I’ll tinker when I have time.

    1. Aww, bummer. I am starting to chat with some EGBT peeps, coercing them to join us.

      Hope it doesn’t take too much to get it back and running. I keep nearly my whole filesystem in version control because I hate rebuilding it all, and I guess I go through computers often enough to do something about it.

      And for the video, it didn’t occur to me just how terrifying a Charr would be in person. Though the awesome orange glasses do somewhat mitigate that. ^_^

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