Sunset on Denotes

This is the message I sent to Denotes users, posting here as well.

Heya folks. I am shutting off in a month or so. switched to software, and has mostly punched a huge hole in the StatusNet community, and I don’t think it will recover. Meh.

I could deal with that, since I love running me some software, but I just received notice from another site admin with a security patch. The driving force behind StatusNet was Evan, and since all his energy is behind now, we don’t have a centralized way to push out security patches (since I sent this email out Evan patched the code, so I was just confused by getting a message from the person that created the patch). That is too much of an expense to run software that I am not going to actively use.

It was a good run. I will help anyone get their content exported, if they want.

I am not giving up on a federated social network, but I am changing how I think it should be done. In the coming months I will lay out how I think WordPress could be the platform that folks could use for their public social network needs. Fortunately I don’t have time to just lay it out, because work is plentiful! ^_^

Feel free to ping me if you have any questions.

3 thoughts on “Sunset on Denotes”

  1. First off, #statusnet is now #gnusocial. Or pretend to be 🙂
    Second, we have irc: #statusnet @ freenode. Plenty of admins sit there and talk 🙂
    Third, we have a (brand-new) mailing list for statusnet administarators:
    Fourth, we got (agaim, brand-new) group for statusnet admins: It’s private (you should press “Private” while send notices :)) and you have to wait for approval, before joining.

    Don’t give up. Statusnet under AGPL, that means we also can fix it and spread fixes. We can even fork it! Come to irc, maillist or federated group, and stay tuned 🙂

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