Portable Flint and Steel

Despite what I told myself as a child, I don’t in fact “use fire, like, all the time!” Now that I think about it, I use math to display text instead of moving rockets, so a lot of my fire-based life goals weren’t really met. We’ll leave it up to history to decide if that was a good thing…

Back to playing with fire, I’ve always been obsessed with the pre-historical time between the discovery of fire maintenance and, well, history.

What was that time like, besides totally sucking? Were there fire hackers? Did that one slightly less hairy monkey wield great respect and power because they found some fire on a rock, and therefore established the monopoly on supply? At what point did we start burning people to death, and how ironic was it at first?

Fire permeates our myths as the tool of creation and destruction it is, but despite its importance to our species, my individual human instance doesn’t use ignite wield it all that often. I don’t cook meat, so grills are not that special. I don’t attend bon fires or own a fireplace (awesome name!). I don’t smoke, and even younger me knew that was stupid.

I did get into incense recently, and have been taking a blanket down by Lake Merritt1 and lighting some incense and learning vim while Clover runs around. And because I now have this need of plasma, I carry a lighter with me.

A lighter! Something that lights, but really, it is a portable flint and steel.

If you are like me, you know that is dope as hell, because we can go to any corner store and buy a flint and steel kit for about a dollar. Right now. This happens all the time!

Granted I noticed this because my thumb is raw from quickly cranking a tiny jagged gear to ignite a tiny leak of flamable gas activated by a tiny little pedal, but it is still kinda exciting to the tell my inner child, “the fire thing kinda works out for us.”

“Also, that new thing called vim is gonna work out in time, maybe get started then, so I don’t have so much to do now, okay? Wait, little maiki, what are you doing? No. No! Put those matches down! This isn’t like the Player’s Handbook at all!”


Maybe that didn’t work out as well as I thought. 🔥

  1. It’s just this gorgeous lake by my place, surrounded by green spaces and sparks. Not bragging or anything. I mean, this is a footnote, it isn’t even relevant to the subject of the post. 🔥 [return]