NES Classic gets hacked, because of course it does

I personally didn’t see the appeal of the NES Classic Edition, because I generally don’t have non-Jolt-based nostalgia (T_T), and also because I am pretty sure I have a copy of every NES ROM on a thumbdrive from 10 years ago. Needless to say, I am not the target audience. But it runs boots a Linux kernel, so my receptors are tuned for mentions of it.

And because it is Linux, it was modded and folks have figured out how to load ROMS not included among those released with the console/device/thing. There GUI tools being developed to automate the currently difficult and somewhat arcane directions to getting your ROM library moved over, but that is only going to get better and easier.

And where are you going to get those ROMs? Here, let me search that for you. TechCrunch has a cute observation on the legality of sideloading:

Of course, there is also the question of where those games come from. NES ROMs aren’t legally available from Nintendo, but are widely available nevertheless. We don’t condone piracy, but if you bought a license for Mega Man 2 on Wii, you may feel ethically justified in exerting that IP claim in this plainly extralegal fashion.

The best part of this story is that the hacks come Russian gamers. It is important to remember that there are better forms of hacking coming out of Russia, and that regardless of the ambitions of xenophobic strongman assholes, most folks just want to be healthy and play games.

12 years running

I don’t celebrate the passing of the year. It doesn’t hold any significance for me, aside from the start of a couple of months of writing the year wrong.

However, I do celebrate something that happened around the same time, 12 years ago. Specifically at 2004-12-31T22:07:47-0800, according to my whois record: I registered!

This site has undergone so many changes in that time, and only partially reflects the events that transpired for myself. But I caught a bunch of it here, and I am thankful for that. That is what New Year’s is for, right? You say what you are thankful for, and then cook a turkey with fireworks? Maybe I blogged about that

Moving forward

I have a lot to say and I am having a hard time starting. Gotta start somewhere…

So first, play this video:

I’m worried about the damage already done, and the damage yet to land. But that is external, and I am struggling internally. In some ways it is a matter of focus, and of homecoming.

Eight years ago I was a manic, paranoid technologist. Today I am a scattered, weary parent. I’ve taken a lot in stride, and healed enough to know that I am not broken. I’ve opened up to others and I’ve been invited in by even more people. And so much of my meaning in this world is being threatened by the ancient yet mundane forces of ignorance and fear.

I wish I had more to offer, but I am still formulating; I have the great fortune of many layers of privilege that allow me time, and my thoughts are constantly with those that are being hurt right now. I have so many questions and precious few answers.

But love is the answer that always rises to the top.

Please contact me if you need help:

Making a note here for reference later: just got through a very rough 48 hours of illness.

I slept through most of it, and it is a bit disorienting to go to sleep when the sky is starting to get light, and then wake up when it is starting to get dark. I am not sure this mammal brain of mine can handle that.

Happy to be not in constant crampy pain and sore throat! And hopefully my ideal sleep pattern will return: crash 15 minutes before the sky starts to lighten, and then wake up mid-afternoon…. bliss!