BuddyPress looking for release leads

The BuddyPress project is making a public call for volunteers to become the release leads for 2.9 and 3.0.

Release Leads: Call for Volunteers

The role blends aspects of being a product manager, project manager, engineering manager, release manager, and community manager. Release leads do not need to be developers, but having experience contributing to open source projects is required.

I encourage non-developers to go for the position if they can, because it will make the project stronger while also providing a great opportunity to manage an interesting project. I have high hopes for the next couple of versions of BuddyPress, combined with other parts of WordPress moving around; we might have a decent social-network-in-a-box, actually out-of-the-box.

Neighborhood identity

How Urban Geometry Creates Neighborhood Identity reminded me of a thought I often have about where I live.

We have an apartment on the third floor in Adams Point. We have spoken to the folks on either side of us, and our building manager lives on our floor; e is the only one we really talk to in our building. We see others in the lobby or on the elevator, but I wouldn’t say we are acquaintances, and definitely not friends.

On the other hand, we know the names of people in other parts of our neighborhood, in part because they live in street-level homes, and have fruit trees or porches, natural spaces to notice and comment to one another.

I am not aware of population density in Oakland, but I imagine that my neighborhood has a fairly dense section, because we are surrounded by 3+ floored buildings, taking up entire blocks. Our building has 24 units, on a block that has three other apartments and six single family homes.

I personally don’t mind where I live, because we have immediate access to areas where people walk around and hang out. Most of my neighbors and nearby folks we meet are on parts of Grand Lake or Lakeshore Avenue, or just somewhere around Lake Merritt. It isn’t exactly about identity, but I consider if I am isolated from the people around me, and it somewhat feels like that. But as we have the aforementioned social valves, I enjoy the privacy and quiet our apartment affords us.

We didn’t plan to move here, we were forced to move in desperation, and just got very lucky that there was a vacancy when we were in need. We’ve been here almost three years, and with rising rents in this area we couldn’t stay in it if we moved. But that is for a different post. ^_^

Pope Francis should speak up

I had a random thought the other day, made me giggle but then it really got me interested in how it would play out.

Pope Francis should condone abortion and encourage birth control.

That is one person on the planet that could improve the quality of life for millions of people from now and ever after. Imagine the world if we didn’t have to deal with the infrastructure of the Roman Catholic org when it came to hospitals and schools against family planning and women’s health?

Any utopia fiction I write will have that premise in its history!

Supporting journalism

Reports of the death of journalism have been greatly exaggerated, but it has certainly been disrupted by change.

Listen, “fake news” and “alternate facts”. What is going on? I don’t know how the relationship with media companies and the new press secretary is going to develop, but I would like to know where support can be made.

I don’t currently support any journalism org, I mostly gather information in aggregate. But there seems like a lot of opportunity for investigative coverage.

So my question is: where is investigative journalism happening? Who are you supporting? What journalism orgs should I be following?

dj patil’s advice

I stumbled upon handwritten notes detailing advice from dj patil, and thought they were interesting enough to type up so they could be indexed.

They were posted by Prad Patel, so I am not sure who actually wrote them down on some snazzy letterhead. ^_^

The shorter one is a mantra I can get behind:

Handwritten note

A technology is neither revolutionary nor radical unless it benefits everyone!


The other note is an interesting list of things to keep in mind while building:

Handwritten lists

  • Dream in years
  • Plan in months
  • Evaluate in weeks
  • Ship daily

  • Prototype for 1x
  • Build for 10x
  • Engineer for 100x

  • What’s required to cut the timeline in ½
  • What needs to be done to double the impact