Hosting Agreement

This may change over time, and I will do my best to inform anyone I host of changes. To start I am going to put a really simple agreement together, and the comments will be open, in case you have something to add or suggest (or take away, I suppose).

interi hosting agreement

In addition to any other agreements you may have with maiki (rendered services or payment), the following rules apply.

  • You may not run advertisements on your site. Using your site for self-promotion is encouraged, and even providing services such as ghost-writing is acceptable, but banner or text ads are not. It makes the web worse off, and you are better than that, otherwise maiki wouldn’t be hosting you.
  • You may not obstruct any interi services. That means the servers that run the web, e-mail, XMPP and other services. The way you can obstruct a service (and these are only examples) is by the misconfiguration of software, doing something illegal that gets the hardware confiscated, or having easy to guess passwords and letting your shady “friends” jack your site.

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