Collateral Freedom

Collateral Freedom has such a short Wikipedia article, I’ll quote it completely here:

Collateral freedom is an anti-censorship strategy that attempts to make it economically prohibitive for censors to block content on the Internet. This is achieved by hosting content on cloud services that are considered by censors to be “too important to block,” and then using encryption to prevent censors from identifying requests for censored information that is hosted among other content, forcing censors to either allow access to the censored information or take down entire services.

Referenced in a post about an F-Droid presentation, from Peter Serwylo’s “F-Droid: The private, secure, free and open app store for Android”.

This certainly interest me, but it seems to run counter to most of the projects I am interested in at the moment, specifically, decentralization and federation, which means collateral freedom doesn’t apply, or at least isn’t as effective.