I totally track you! I use Piwik to collect statistics about visitors to this site. I find it useful to know which content people are reading. I also track search engine referrer keywords, so I know how people found my site. Additionally, seeing my site traffic is a boost to my ego, so there is that.

I try to balance this by setting up my software to not keep logs of IP addresses, and to anonymize information whenever possible. However, why should you trust me? I could be the authoritarian power that you are trying to overthrow, or your bible school teacher who is all about entrapping you because you don’t appreciate just how impure your soul is. It doesn’t matter, if you care about being tracked, you should not trust me.

Protect yourself

One way to anonymize your own browsing is to use Tor. You should read more about that project, it is important.

As I find more resources about how to keep from being tracked I will add them here, as well as posting about it. If you want to share a resource with me, leave a comment or contact me.

That being said, I won’t ever willing give information about people accessing this site to anyone, ever. I will probably go to jail, because even if I am told to not tell anyone about it, I will. Advertisers can burn in the part of hell reserved for child molesters and people who speak in movie theaters; they will never get their greedy, greasy fat fingers on the data I collect.

Non-hidden information

My site is composed of lots of different software (WordPress, Drupal, Dokuwiki and StatusNet, at least), and it will allow you to interact with it in all kinds of different ways. For instance, there are fields to leave your name, e-mail and web address when you leave comments on my blog. Don’t share that info if you don’t want people to see it (e-mail addresses won’t be published, but I can see them).

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