Pope Francis should speak up

I had a random thought the other day, made me giggle but then it really got me interested in how it would play out.

Pope Francis should condone abortion and encourage birth control.

That is one person on the planet that could improve the quality of life for millions of people from now and ever after. Imagine the world if we didn’t have to deal with the infrastructure of the Roman Catholic org when it came to hospitals and schools against family planning and women’s health?

Any utopia fiction I write will have that premise in its history!

Father’s Day

I haven’t been aware of Father’s Day for half my life. Today it was thrown in my face.

It isn’t that I particularly care, but it is very odd that people go out of their way to call me out. I don’t know what people think, because I gave up holidays many years ago; I don’t have the mindset to approach strangers and initiate greetings or conversations based on flimsy premises.

What they are actually recognizing is that I presumably contributed sperm to someone’s egg, and I should be celebrated for it. Such an archaic and simple-minded idea. It reminds me of this saying that one finds in needlepoint on pillows and such, “Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.”

As stupid as that is, the first half sums up my feelings. Someone tell me when we are celebrating Contraception Day, during Family Planning Week.

Oh, that is a thing.