Father’s Day

I haven’t been aware of Father’s Day for half my life. Today it was thrown in my face.

It isn’t that I particularly care, but it is very odd that people go out of their way to call me out. I don’t know what people think, because I gave up holidays many years ago; I don’t have the mindset to approach strangers and initiate greetings or conversations based on flimsy premises.

What they are actually recognizing is that I presumably contributed sperm to someone’s egg, and I should be celebrated for it. Such an archaic and simple-minded idea. It reminds me of this saying that one finds in needlepoint on pillows and such, “Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.”

As stupid as that is, the first half sums up my feelings. Someone tell me when we are celebrating Contraception Day, during Family Planning Week.

Oh, that is a thing.