Good stuff, continued

I had nothing but praise for the Humble Indie Bundle. Not only did they produce warm fuzzies, they even open-sourced a bunch of the games soon afterward (they were Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru and Penumbra Overture).

Today I got two new fun things from the folks behind this. The first is pretty cool if you are using Mac OS X or Windows (as an aside, the Linux people paid more on average than those two “classes” of gamers; just thought I would start a contribution war ^_^): you can now activate the games in Steam.

I just did, and it installed the games that it could find. For some reason a couple of them aren’t available for my platform (which is Mac OS X, at the moment). They will probably figure that out soon enough. And now I have achievements to unlock! Yay!

The other surprise is that there is something cooking up over at the dedicated site… something about a Humble Indie Bundle #2, coming soon.

Good on ya, folks. ^_^