Making a note here for reference later: just got through a very rough 48 hours of illness.

I slept through most of it, and it is a bit disorienting to go to sleep when the sky is starting to get light, and then wake up when it is starting to get dark. I am not sure this mammal brain of mine can handle that.

Happy to be not in constant crampy pain and sore throat! And hopefully my ideal sleep pattern will return: crash 15 minutes before the sky starts to lighten, and then wake up mid-afternoon…. bliss!

Self-employed dental care (questions)

I am self-employed, and need dental work done. I don’t know how much, but I am starting to have some problems, and last year I had to get an emergency root canal and I would like to avoid that, which means I want to leverage insurance to make it easier to afford before it gets bad.

We had Guardian at my job, but the quote for our family is $256 a month, which seems kinda high to me. What do you think? Any self-employed folks out there dealing with this, or know more about this?

No more soda

Oh noes, so much change at once! I will be okay (probably).

Yesterday, when Emma and I went to visit Susan for lunch, we picked up some beverages. There was cranberry juice, coconut water and Coca-Cola. Emma immediately reached for the Coke. Even though it was a coincidence, it freaked the hell out of me. Turns out hell is the part of me that drinks soda.

I’ve known for a while that I would have to stop drinking soda eventually, and now we are at the point where Emma is starting to have opinions on food. Soda is out.

So, tea and water. Doesn’t sound bad; actually, that sounds really awesome! And the more hydrated I stay, the better I feel, so of course this is going to work out really well for me. ^_^