Supporting journalism

Reports of the death of journalism have been greatly exaggerated, but it has certainly been disrupted by change.

Listen, “fake news” and “alternate facts”. What is going on? I don’t know how the relationship with media companies and the new press secretary is going to develop, but I would like to know where support can be made.

I don’t currently support any journalism org, I mostly gather information in aggregate. But there seems like a lot of opportunity for investigative coverage.

So my question is: where is investigative journalism happening? Who are you supporting? What journalism orgs should I be following?

Personal branding

From a commercial perspective, “branding” has consistently bestowed its greatest rewards on those capable of projecting a kind of elusive authority that turns consumers’ fears, insecurities, aspirations, unarticulated dreams, etc. into healthy profit margins. But a sense of humanity is also a kind of authority. And maybe the best policy for our beaten-down population of journalists just naturally involves letting down the old guard of objectivity and letting go of illusions of unimpeachability. Rather than train journalists to dismiss their own experiences, what if we trained them to use those experiences to help them explain the news to their audience? Allow their humanity to shape their journalism? This isn’t some radically profound notion—it only seems that way in the context of the ridiculous zero-sum debate over the relative merits of “straight” news versus the self-absorbed nature of blogs. Maybe there is a way to combine the best of both.

Maureen Tkacik, Look at Me!