Jadepunk and the economy of scales

I supported the Jadepunk Kickstarter some time ago, and the most recent status update had an interesting bit about releasing a conversion of the setting for Dungeons and Dragons 5e. There are already a few systems it is built for, but they make an insightful observation:

In hindsight, Fate, C+, and AW share most of the same audiences. What we should have done, and are now rectifying, is branching out to other systems that maybe have different audiences, and there’s no bigger audience than the won for Dungeons and Dragons.

Why do we feel this is necessary? Because making these supplements is expensive (remember when I said mistakes were made, well one of those was over-promising far beyond what the Kickstarter funds could pay for). Making a new version of the core book is not as expensive, however, because we already have all the art, and half the writing, for it. We’re hoping that expanding the audience of the setting will bring in some much needed funding to keep things rolling long enough to get all of our stretch goals fulfilled.

I personally wish every company/project had explicit conversations like this, because I only know about it from reading posts like this; I am not a gaming industry insider, but it is important to me to understand how these folks are supporting themselves, in and return, the systems they create.

Worlds in Peril

Taken from the campaign page. This fight is very busy...
Taken from the campaign page. This fight is very busy…

I’ve been in touch with the creators behind the Worlds in Peril Kickstarter campaign.

A few messages back and forth, and then:

Talked to the team, and yes the text will be CC-BY. I hope that is something you can get behind. 😀

I’ve let them know they should list it on the Creative Commons Kickstarter listing, and also make an update/note on the main page that the text will be CC-BY.

Also, to assist in showing the support that us free gamers can muster, I suggest using the the “commons” as a reference for their analytics. So share the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/63676387/worlds-in-peril?ref=commons ^_^

Oh, and the project is a supers game, based on Apocalypse World (the same base for Dungeon World)! Fun!

Smut Peddler 2014


I’ve stuck to my policy of only supporting crowd-funding campaigns of works that are free and in the commons. One of the projects that I make an exception for is Smut Peddler, which has a 2014 campaign. Despite not being free to use in creative ways, it is erotica that is women-created and -friendly. The first issue was great, and is included in some of the award tiers. Check it out! ^_^

HUB Oakland

The HUB Oakland Kickstarter just reached 50%, with 18 days to go! I pledged, because I want to see this awesome space open in Oakland, and be part of the change that is happening. I’ve been searching for a space that is both interesting and filled with cognitive diversity. HUB Oakland matches that!

And the cool thing about the Kickstarter, and this particular HUB, is that it will be very inclusive, and will be given out scholarships. When I think of the lucky breaks I’ve gotten, and how cool it would have been to work in such a space, I can’t help but think it will really help some folks.

For my part, I am putting myself in fortune’s way. I can’t wait to see what emerges!