Moving on

So, the journey of being harassed, and communicating with the server owner at Evocraft has come to an end. Now what?

Well, first of all, the server now has the rules listed when one joins, and require a player to accept them to gain access to certain features of the server. The screen shot shows the interface:

I think that is a step in the right direction, and I like to think I had something to do with it. It is reaffirming to me that the way to enact positive change is by speaking up and discussing an issue.

Redstone is a gateway circuitry

The other thing that I am happy to share is Unfortunately, my timing isn’t great, since according to the information page on Reddit (edit: and an updated post), “the power supply committed suicide. everything’s down until I get another PSU now :(“.

Anyhow, Malmater and I have been playing there for about a week or so, and we are having a blast. It isn’t PvP or survival like the other server, but it still allows for a great amount of expression. I’ve met some cool people, and we actually spent time showing off our creations to each other. It is a completely different experience, of course. ^_^

I found it because I told Judy that I was looking for a civil server, and I might as well look for one that is explicitly LGBT-friendly. She pointed me to that info page and I was able to contact the server owner and get playing.

I would wear a dress

Aside from that, over the weekend the news hit about the LAN party that is prohibiting women from attending, based on their idea that women are treated poorly by the other participants (or some such nonsense; read Lesley’s post, it is an excellent breakdown).

Of course there is frustration, and even heartbreak, upon hearing this, but I see it as a Bat-signal. We have an opportunity to discuss this now, and we as gamers shouldn’t pass up this chance. I am sure there will be emotions running hot, and a lot more frustration, but this is important. And if you are curious about what some other people are saying on the subject, may I point you to the gaming article on Geek Feminism Wiki?

And remember, the first move of the conventional person will be an attempt to invalidate and shutdown the conversation. Don’t lose your voice! Be bold! And if you need, contact me; there are places I know of where your voice will ring loud and clear. ^_^