Quercus is Latin for “oak tree”. I believe it is pronounced kinda like, “quirk us”. That appeals to my sense of word play, and it happens to be the name of the new theme for Oakland Local.

It is a child theme of UrbanNews, we needed to make some minor changes to it. To launch we have specific things that need to be done, but moving forward I will be coordinating efforts for folks to contribute to Oakland Local in other ways besides (citizen) journalism. There is a lot of movement around open city data in Oakland, and it would be great to facilitate how that is presented, and how it is tied to the stories on OL.

While I will have some title tied to the technical part of Oakland Local, I also bring a sense of transparency and openness, and I have an opportunity to assert those values in a way that will encourage cognitive diversity and compassion in the public tool that is OL. I will be reaching out more after we get relaunched and I have time to think more, but if you have ideas now, drop them on me. If I can’t work on them, I bet I know someone who can. ^_^