School of Data

The Open Knowledge Foundation and P2PU recently announced plans for a School of Data. It is based off the model of Mozilla and P2PU collaborating to produce the School of Webcraft (I am doing the challenges right now).

This is exciting in general, but specifically for me: I’ve wanted to work more with data forever, but I’ve never found any starting points that worked in my lifeframe. I don’t want to take college courses or work through a book I probably won’t understand. I want to learn by example and hands-on, exactly how P2PU operates.

I know what I want out of it. I am always seeing people refer to their APIs and data streams, like they are teasing me. I understand that I can do a lot more than most people, but it also means I am aware of so much more I could be doing, and I have so many ideas that depend on being able to do interesting things with data. Sign me up!