GOG Connect, remove DRM from select Steam games

I am not sure how I stumbled upon it, but GOG has a new thing called Connect, which checks for the existence of certain games in your Steam account and adds them to your GOG library. The result is that it essentially gives you a DRM-free version of those games. Well, it lets you have a copy of a game in another library, which means a lot of things, but the DRM removal is the exciting part! ^_^

Currently only a handful of games can be copied (or unlocked, or de-DRM-ed? What are we calling this?). And they are only available for a couple more days, so hurry up and check it out, and see if you have them. They say more games will be coming, and implies it is dependent on the game publishers, which of course makes sense.

I am surprised Steam did this, though I don’t think GOG is technically doing anything to take money away from Steam. They are essentially working with publishers to give free copies of their games by proving prior purchase. But it all feels really weird, ne? I mean, at least for me; I don’t know how to talk about it. But we’ll talk about it, a lot!

Good stuff, continued

I had nothing but praise for the Humble Indie Bundle. Not only did they produce warm fuzzies, they even open-sourced a bunch of the games soon afterward (they were Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru and Penumbra Overture).

Today I got two new fun things from the folks behind this. The first is pretty cool if you are using Mac OS X or Windows (as an aside, the Linux people paid more on average than those two “classes” of gamers; just thought I would start a contribution war ^_^): you can now activate the games in Steam.

I just did, and it installed the games that it could find. For some reason a couple of them aren’t available for my platform (which is Mac OS X, at the moment). They will probably figure that out soon enough. And now I have achievements to unlock! Yay!

The other surprise is that there is something cooking up over at the dedicated site… something about a Humble Indie Bundle #2, coming soon.

Good on ya, folks. ^_^