Oakland Police Beat

Oakland Police Beat

Oakland Police Beat has launched. Susan Mernit explains what the site is about. You should go poke around, see what it is all about. ^_^

It is a WordPress site, and the data is stored in custom post types and taxonomies. All the software that composes the site is free and open source (and I will be providing a writeup of all the great projects we used soon). Bernard is interesting.

Susan Magnolia created the logo, visually showing OPB as an extension of the Oakland Local family.

The amazing, hilarious development of humans

Today Clover was sick, so e sat in my lap and we watched Little Bear videos together. Eir favorite one is probably Mother Bear’s Button. I was completely surprised when a minute into it, Clover just started saying it. Everything, every line, of each character. I have a good memory, and can often repeat lines back to folks verbatim, but I can’t recall that entire video. That is fascinating.

On the other hand, the day before, Clover was eating something and sneezed, biting down really hard on eir finger! It didn’t draw blood, but it did break the skin, and really freaked em out; e cried and hyperventilated for a few minutes. Susan and I took turns holding em so the other could silently bend over in laughter. It was hilarious! I am so sad for this little kid that mimic mannerisms after a single observation, but will also bite themselves sneezing.

Hahaha! Humans are funny. ^_^

Documenting life is hard

I had grand plans to heavily document Clover’s life, from the beginning. Turns out that is really hard, since doing so is not generating income. And living with Clover and Susan, and generating income are my daily goals.

Susan does a lot better job of catching a visual record, and we’ve supported that by ensuring she has good equipment and a publishing system that works (Instagram to WordPress). All the photos I take are on a DSLR camera, and I don’t have a good workflow of moving them onto the web.

So, quick and infrequent update: Clover is rocking. Susan and I are as well, although our childhoods seem to get popping up more as Clover’s develops. Meh (not really, it is awesome, in that terrifyingly literal sense). We are ever figuring stuff out, and trying to make the most out of it. We are not rich, but we are certainly not poor; ours is a lovely life, and the less we take for granted, the more wonderful the world is around us. I think my capacity as an “adult” it correlated to how much I want to move it forward for future people to enjoy the civic infrastructure around them. That would be a nice sensitivity for Clover to grow up around. ^_^