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Internet video

I haven’t posted a video to the net and cared about it for a while. Clover has extended family that are suckers Apple users. They always miss out on the videos I post, so I went and looked up how to serve two video files. The resulting code was:

[code language=”html”]
<video width="610" height="458" controls>
<source src="" type="video/mp4; codecs=avc1.42E01E,mp4a.40.2">
<source src="" type="video/webm; codecs=vp8,vorbis">

I tested it in Safari and it works (and you can watch it, too). However, the two videos are visual equal in quality, but the webm comes in at 1.6 MB, while the mp4 is 19.1 MB. I don’t mind penalizing the Apple users, but I do wish I knew more about optimizing video for the web. On the other hand, that is what webm is for. ^_^

The more we get together…

Susan was able to get a video of Clover singing with em knowing. It starts out with Clover’s rendition of the refrain from The More We Get Together. The next part is the naming of our friends, as e begins…

“…Pocoyo, Ellie, Gautham, papa, Judy, Gautham, Judy, Diana, Justin, Liz, momma, papa, Maggie, momma, maiki, momma, momma!”