What is this site for?

I’ve struggled to figure out what to do with this site. I love the domain enough to name myself and my spawn after it. I do like writing, but I am not sure what to write about, here.

Here is an idea: use this place as a journal, and temporally contextual notes for longer-form writing. That is kinda what it is for at the moment, but I am thinking of embracing that idea, and running with it.

I would like to start writing longer pieces, like essays. But it doesn’t fit in to my architecture here, and I kinda don’t want it sitting next to my constant crying as a parent, or my utter and naïve disbelief of corporate behaviour. I think it would be nice to have them live somewhere that supports the premise of deep discussion and ideas.

Eventually, that will be a different site. In the meantime, I am going to start posting a lot more oddball ideas here and in the wiki. They will be early, rough and maybe nonsensical. They are my clay. And babby photos. ^_^

From rags to RichClowd, a human story

Here is this insider’s look at the origin of RichClowd. Investments should be easy. For the rich.

So, we are leaving stealth mode, and I am really excited! It has been an incredible six months since I ran into Mike on BART, and I could have never have known that we would be introducing RichClowd to world today (check out the press release)! While I could just rehash what all the social media sites are abuzz about, I thought I would give a first hand account of how we arrived to today.

Basically, we’ve created the next step in what we’ve referred to internally as the “status quo-tation”. Given our team members’ various backgrounds in intellectual property, social justice, free culture and being constantly invited to pre-launch niche startup sites, we found ourselves wondering how we could cater to a demographic in an area (the Bay Area, specifically) that is literally and figuratively saturated with ideas, and the money being thrown at them.

At this point I have to mention that I was about to have my first kid, and the rest of the team were in their own personal early-to-mid-to-slightly-pass-mid crises. With our initial round of investment nearly gone (we had all thrown in $25), we started losing some prominent members. Evan had to split, something about jump-starting the the Silicon River Valley. Dave left about half an hour later, muttering something about making it in domain reselling; he didn’t pay for his portion of the pizza. It seemed that in one night we lost a lot of historically talented people. It was a huge blow to our portfolio image ego morale.

I remember going out to get some fresh air and seeing Mike outside, smoking one of his signature cigars. He was just gazing up at the hills. I can’t recall verbatim our exchange, but it was something like, “d00d, they must have an awesome view up there!”. Mike looked at me, pulled out his mobile and immediately rang up Jimbo, Joi and Jon (in that order, he is fascinating that way), and told them to pick up some extra booze! We had found our niche, and I knew then that I had just witnessed a historical moment!

That night we didn’t get much done, but the next day, right there next to the empty pizza boxes, mostly drunk bottles of tequila, and a wrecked foosball table, we got busy, really thinking about how we could help the wealthy with what they needed. Security, nutrition, access to healthcare. These needs were all met, or were being worked on by others in the private sector. As we narrowed in on how to best serve this key demographic, we found that there was an abundance of human quirks that weren’t being exploited: status, guilt, and eccentricity, just to name a few!

Once we had extensively mind-mapped our key vectors of action, we only had one last thing to figure out: the name! Thumbing through magazines and old videos posted on YouTube, it became apparent that our bias was coming through. Not only had be forgotten to invite any women, we were still being heavily influenced by our shared hobby of creating vanity rap videos. They say hindsight is 20/20, and I think I speak for everyone in expressing how lucky we were of dropping our codename of Girls Around Me. Fortunately, we were keeping our notes in my instance of ownCloud, someone noticed it, and a few iterations later we had our name!

More details are going to come out in the following weeks, and while we are really excited, we are still in pre-launch. That means nothing to our target clientèle, of course, most of whom have already heard of us and invested from the sacred back halls of power that we call Mountain View coffee shops. I am personally going to spend some time getting to know my nearly six-month old child, and hopefully sleep for a whole night before going to our new offices in the former Borders, near the 4th Street Caltrain. Being strategically placed in SoMa, we may well become known as the third point of the Power Startup Triangle in San Francisco, along with GitHub and Twitter.

It is always exciting to be a part of something that will change the way we think about money and wealth, but it is a personal achievement to walk into my office tomorrow and see my name and job title on the door plate: maiki interi, director of vertical acquisition and octagonal integration

I made sure it was all lowercase! ^_^

Tips for blogging

Here are some basic ideas that help me write. I’ve learned them over the years, but today I am the successful meta-writer you are observing right now!

I just got back from hanging out with a great bunch of folks, bloggers of iron, one would say. I had a lot of stimulating discussion, and I am sure my head will be abuzz for a few days as I digest everything.

Something that came up a few times was the idea that we would discuss tips for blogging. As I just wrote, I am a fan of practice. At the same time, I am also a fan of people buying me drinks. Turns out the need to communicate wins out, and I want to talk about ways to get into blogging, to make it easier.

So, here are some platform agnostic writing tips that I figured out for myself. They are short and simple, and probably have many volumes of dead trees dedicated them for use in old tech (ahem, books).

  • Use your voice. Don’t be fancy, unless you are fancy. I’m not. I am corny, and recursive, and sometimes wander around, and passionate about things I say, and excited about many things. That is my voice. Use your voice, because it is fairly easy to “hear” a fake accent in writing.
  • Write for a single person in mind. This helps use your natural voice, because it provides context. You speak differently to different people and different circumstances, and it is hard to get that all in one post (unless you are a boring, monotonous person, but I don’t believe that). I have different people I write for, roughly following the topics: Susan for design, Judy for development, Kevin for gaming, Gautham for media, future maiki (and now Emma) for reflect and relate, and past maiki for writing.
  • A sentence is a microblog post, use StatusNet. Two sentences is a blog post, post it there. Just commit to writing those two sentences. Most of the time you will have more to say, but that first hurdle is tough. Make it easy on yourself.
  • Don’t edit. At all. This is a website, you can change it later. I do, often. I edit stuff I wrote years ago, because sometimes I don’t make sense, or leave words out, or was allergic to spelling that day. No one really cares, and if they do they will tell you, which is great, because getting any non-spam comment gives a warm fuzzy.

I have tons to expand on, but I think these basics are something that is really worth internalizing. I am whipping out excerpts and tags, linking to mofos and checking analytics like no ones business (seriously, do you know who is tracking you?), but it is all based on these ideas to just get in there and write.

So go write something, right now! ^_^

Comprehensive Spam Digest

Another spam digest! Be amazed the wide range and interests of those who clog the resources of the internet with their unsolicited messages!

It’s that time again: Spam Digest! It has been a while since the last one, so in the spirit of catching up the theme is comprehensiveness!

Just a sampling of my current junk folder demonstrates the breadth, if not depth, or topics that folks want to inform me about. Let’s get into it!

Felix MCALLISTER writes:

Good morning,
as reqeusted I give you inovices issued to you per february (Internet Explorer format).

Wow. I had no idea I had such specific request. I am assuming that by “Internet Explorer format” you mean “broken and janky conditional statements to fix corporate bullying on the web”. I would be happy to go over the “inovices”, which I think is short for innovative vice, but alas, I don’t have a copy of Internet Explorer, so I can’t explore that particular vice. Also, maybe you should learn to link or attach files, since you didn’t actually send anything…

Best-Penis is happy to share:

MaxGentleman Enlargement Pills have been featured across major media outlets around the world, including ESP and Fox News, with dozens of positive reviews.
This is the only Male enlargement supplement that has been PROVEN in clinical trials to enlarge your penis – safely, quickly, and importantly – PERMANENTLY.

Where to start? First of all, while I have basic ESP, I only get like, four channels. And I mute commercials. But you seem honest, so I will trust that you have at least 24 positive reviews.

However, none of that matters, because your marketing terrifies me. Why did you shout “permanently”? Are you messaging me through an AOL account? Why would you be so interested in the permanent primary qualities of my genitalia? That is just… creepy.

Listen Mr./Mrs./Miss Penis, I think you need to reevaluate your sales pitch. Maybe tone back your enthusiasm for Max-ing Gentlemen, or try engaging in some social media outreach. I hear Facebook is good for this kind of thing.

Photoshop Update wants me to know about:

Hello Software User !!!The Popular Titles, Flash and more at Photoshop Update

Hello Software User !!!The Just Released Software, MasterSuite 5 and more at Photoshop

and finally

Hello Software User !!!The Latest Titles, Creative Suite 5 and more at Authorized Adobe

Well, PU (may I call you PU?), you got me! I am totally Software User. I couldn’t afford to have all my e-mail transcribed to small cards delivered to me by Sebastian, so I am doomed to be the User you refer to, just to continue our correspondence.

Let me thank you for informing me of the popular, latest and just released software titles! Please tell me how I can get in on this. I am afraid I am rather antiquated, I am still using the ol’ apt-get install method. I don’t hear about the latest releases except once a day when my computer automatically checks the public repositories where all my current software comes from. But your way sounds groovy! Just to be sure, all those titles work in GNU/Linux or a web browser, ne? Sorry for asking, I just had a memory from a long time ago, and I feel like I’ve dealt with this before. Oh well, it couldn’t have been that bad.

Darla whispers:

Hey there How are you doing? I enjoy most of your profile.

Would you like to check out my own non-public photographs?

Wow, that is quite a revealing photo you sent along with your message. Is that yoga? Is it difficult to take self-shots while stretching like that?

I have to say, I am kinda taken aback. By “profile” I am assuming you are referring to my about page. Which part of it did you not “enjoy”? Is it the photo? Because that isn’t yoga. It really doesn’t represent how limber I am. On the other hand, I am wearing sheer undergarments (I just don’t show them off like you).

At any rate, thanks for the offer. I don’t normally go for “non-public” photos. Do you have anything licensed under a Creative Commons license, or maybe a MediaGoblin instance? That would be really handy!

RuneScape convivially informs:


It has come to our attention that you are trying to sell your personal RuneScape account(s).
As you may not be aware of, this conflicts with the EULA and Terms of Agreement.
If this proves to be true, your account can and will be disabled.
It will be ongoing for further investigation by JAGEX Entertainment’s employees.
If you wish to not get your account suspended you should immediately verify your account ownership.

Listen RuneScape, as I’ve already informed you, I already sold my account. Therefore I can’t technically verify my account ownership. I am not sure why you still have my e-mail address, it should be changed to that of the gold farmer I sold it to. Also, I didn’t technically switch ownership. See, in your EULA, you don’t actually require a natural person to agree, so of course I used a corporation to create the account for Killaz6969. Then I merely exchanged ownership of the corporation for Bitcoin, which as we all know is not really money.

My point is, please remove me from your mailing list, your game sucks.

USAA Web Services asks:

Is your lack of a degree holding you back from career advancement? Are you having difficulty finding employment in your field of interest because you dont have the paper to back it up even though you are qualified? If you are looking for a fast and effective solution, we can help!

I am doing okay, but I know people looking for a change, so maybe I should point them your way. You peeps are the ones doing the Open Badges, right? Like, you are creating an alternative educational system, where people are acknowledged for what they actually know, and it allows for people to learn in a more natural way, while also letting employers, companies and collaborators parse through qualified candidates in a meaningful and efficient manner?

You are working with the Mozilla Foundation on this, ne?

Cupid Happiness relates:

Rogero, much moved by this intelligence, entreated her to take off her helmet, and at the discovery of her face remained transported with delight. While absorbed in this contemplation, an unexpected danger assailed them. A party which was placed in a wood, in order to intercept the retreating Christians, broke from its ambush upon the pair, and Bradamante, who was uncasqued, was wounded in the head.

Well, I’ve got to say, this is one way to sell Viagra. If I were to make a single critique, the primary protagonist seems inconsistent. Unless you are speaking in metaphor, the catharsis achieved upon seeing a person’s face, in a world I can only assumes requires that people where helmets from birth, is broken by the gang I am gonna call the Lions for obvious reasons. However, in the ensuing violence, the uncasqued Bradamante receives a wound to the head. How is it that Rogero could have gone from contemplative to belligerent in the course of a single ambush? Where is the character’s drive, what are eir goals?

Sorry, I just can read the five other paragraphs that follow in your message. However, I would like to offer my professional services as an editor to you. Get in touch.

Ming Yang solicits:

I am Mr. Ming Yang, Director of Operations of the Hang Seng Bank Ltd, Sai Wan Ho Branch, Hong Kong, I am seeking your assistance in helping me receive a large amount of money and in giving a clear research and feasibility study on areas I could invest on.

Um, like, you just want to borrow some money? Do you have a blog I can just Flattr or something?

Well, that is it for this digest! I hope you are able to appreciate the range of subjects my correspondence brings me. It isn’t all pr0n and boner pills. It is also software piracy, preying on the uneducated, money laundering and just a bit of semi-erotic micro-fiction! ^_^

Writing a bible

I had an idea of biblical proportion. What a horrible pun.

I woke up this morning with a great idea: I am going to write a bible!

Obviously I am not creating a new cult (those days are behind me). Instead I was thinking of those big binders or databases they use for novels, movies or tv series.

Besides tossing and turning all night trying to work out a simple header design for a site I am working on, I was apparently also gathering the points of the 150,000 year fictional timeline I have floating in my head (and three private wikis; and eight full Moleskins; and dozens of text files in backups with backups within backups).

It isn’t enough to just have a bunch or interlinked articles detailing persons, locations and events. I need all the references that inspired me:

  • Links to Wikipedia articles
  • Snippets of dreams
  • Interesting wordplay
  • Long, long lists of anime
  • Photos I took and created a story around
  • Autobiographical elements
  • So much more

I blame Tolkien, Asimov and Hickman/Weiss. Lord of the Rings and the Foundation series told me I could obsess on something epic. The Annotated Chronicles told me I totally want to keep all that info handy!

I am not writing as much everyday, but behind the scenes I am trying to organize this stuff so I can open it up to others. If I could get folks to tell me the stories happening in our shared world, then that is almost as satisfying as writing it myself.

Almost. ^_^

A new site

A public announcement of my next big personal project.

A few things converged at the last moment. I am starting a new site, where I will combine many of the promises I’ve made over the last couple of months: my idea for a complete stack for self-hosters/publishers, detailed best practices for web software, and my ideas on how to make future tech better.

The timing is horrible, and I won’t have it up anytime soon (work and babby), but I am putting this out there so I can get feedback from folks on what they would find useful.

Also, I’ve done some soul-searching and I am reconfiguring how I interact with non-free services/platforms. Part of my reason for launching a new site is definitely as penance, since I know better. This is mostly surrounding Google and Android, but also because I keep hitting a wall as to how these things are being used, and I don’t like being in the dark. If I can open up these silos, even just descriptively, I feel I will personally be contributing more to the culture that gives me so much more.

Finally, I want to really try my hand at web editor/content producer. I know how it works, but besides this blog, I don’t really get do anything interesting on the design side of webcraft. Not only will that be a fun part, but I will have concrete examples to show my clients when I am selling them on workflows (which I’ve found I spend a lot of time doing).

Haven’t decided on a name yet, though of course I have domains to spare. I will be spamming people in the (in)appropriate channels as more develops. ^_^

Technical Difficulty Spam Digest

I answer all your questions and more in this issue of Technical Difficulty Spam Digest!

Here’s another issue of Spam Digest, this week’s theme being technical difficulties. Of course there is more to that, so let’s jump in to see what my loyal readers, the spammers, bots and poorly paid sweatshop workers of the net had to say!

seo india writes:

I heard about this blog from my cousin. Do you have an rss feed? It would help people find this more easily. Thanks!

Well, thank your cousin for me! Would that happen to be seo leads to savings? I can never tell if that is a common first or surname.

Anyhow, I do indeed have a feed, located at http://interi.org/feed. Also, for smaller slice of life micro-blog posts, you can check out my StatusNet instance at http://interi.org/status. I look forward to you setting up a node on the federated social web and spamming me there, too!

rent to own furniture shared this tidbit:

i tried adding your post to my digg account as i liked it,but seems someone has already submitted this to digg,hence i just voted it. i found it very interesting because of your perception on the subject.

Digg? Sorry rent, but it seems like you are a little behind the times, there. While no doubt you have lots of friends sharing links with each other on Digg, the rest of the web has moved beyond 2009, and we are don’t vote on links anymore. In fact, if your social group is not using human-curated lists of news items and nodes of entertainment on the web, well, you are hanging out with losers. Too bad you are likely a bot, because humans can join my fora, where awesome people hang out.

As for my interesting “perception on the subject”, considering that you were commenting on my about page, I will just chalk it up to you not really being around other people enough to understand that reality is a shared hallucinatory experience, where each of our fragile neural substrates are contributing to the wonderful universe where we spend our lives figuring out the best and most personally meaningful way to navigate it. So, yeah, I do have an interesting insight about myself.

Filmy bez limitow left two great comments, the first of which is:

Hey there, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, fantastic blog!

Well, I don’t want to get off on the wrong foot, so I will tone down my reply and not use all caps. Ahem…

What the hell if your problem? Why would I care how this site looks in some proprietary, closed browser made by a company that has too few people in it that care about standards and working with the web community to redeem itself against the countless transgressions against all that is open, libre and free on the internet? Screw you, and don’t even comment here again, you judgmental and ignorant bot!

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, I suppose that person figured out how to use the site, because the second comment is from Filmy Online bez limitow (I think they were happy to be online):

I do love the way you have framed this particular challenge plus it really does offer me some fodder for thought. On the other hand, from what precisely I have witnessed, I just simply hope as other comments pile on that folks continue to be on point and not start upon a soap box of the news of the day. Yet, thank you for this superb point and while I can not really go along with the idea in totality, I value the viewpoint.

Emphasis mine. I point that out, because this was a reply to my privacy policy. As such, if you can’t go along with it, you are filth, and should be expunged from the internet, you greedy, noxious excuse of a comment bot! Seriously, never come back here. I hate you.

Whoo, where did that come from? Well, with that out of my system, let’s end on a positive note with some commentary on the state of the internet from hitch mount bike rack:

Sometimes I question the internet and what is posted? Honestly the internet used to be like a different place, except that recently it seems to have become better and of the reason for it to be improving are blogs like this.

Ah! You make me want to check my spam filter over and over again! Thanks hitch mount bike rack!

Well, that’s all for this edition of Technical Difficulty Spam Digest. And remember bots, your comments don’t appear on the site, because it is really obvious you are not human! ^_^

Flattering Spam Digest

I answer all your questions and more in this issue of Flattering Spam Digest!

Occasionally my loyal readers, the spammers, bots and poorly paid sweatshop workers of the net, write in to me, declaring wonderful things about my writing skills, as well as asking informed questions about my personal life (and sometimes theirs). Below are a few samples.

Trendy Yoga writes:

My English conversation isn’t really so super butI feel I comprehend everything. Give thanks to u a lot for that wonderful weblog publish. I truly delight in reading it. I assume you are a absolute writer. At this moment extra ur website to my favorites and can appear again to yor web site. Preserve up that wonder give good results. Wish to view far more soon.

Wow, Trendy, thanks for writing in. I don’t know where to start. Let’s see…

I am glad that while your English conversational skills may not be up to par, you have complete understanding. I myself feel that I speak English reasonably well, and that may indeed be to my disadvantage in acquiring enlightenment. Let us pray for the English-speaking world!

As for my “wonderful weblog publish”, I think thanks should go to the team at WordPress, for making this great software!

Trendy, I want you to know that I am grateful for your kind words, but I feel I must correct you on one point: you mean to say that I am “an absolute writer.” You stick with the comprehension, I stick with writing. And don’t worry, I will definitely write far more sooner, just for you.

Next up, Sell This Domain writes:

Of course, what a great site and informative posts, I will add backlink – bookmark this site? Regards, Reader.

Thank you for the compliment, and indeed, please do bookmark my site. It will no doubt help you find my site later on. Thanks for reading!

And last, but not least, branchenbuch writes:

Nice post! GA is also my biggest earning. However, it’s not a much.

Ah, branchenbuch-kun, I completely understand. Since gallium has become a new hot item in the pharmaceuticals industry, those of us who had been using it as a temperature reference point since the 1870’s, and later in microwave ovens, find our stockpiles suddenly in great demand. However, it is unfortunate that the price point is not higher, what with the particulars of storing gallium. Since it will melt in your hand, we have a lot of overhead costs in refrigeration and transportation, and I’m afraid that this emerging gallium salts market will be eclipsed by some other less pretty metal.

Well, that’s all for this edition of Flattering Spam Digest. And remember bots, Akismet isn’t so much your enemy as it is a filter that let’s me make a list of your very special comments. ^_^

World building and video games

Video games are a part of me, I can’t deny that. But what else is there to it?

When I was a child I had this book, the NES Game Atlas. It covered a variety of games, and I memorized so much information, even though I hardly ever played any of the games in it. I knew all the items in Hyrule and Castlevania, and I would write these lists of items I would sell if I could be a merchant that traveled between those worlds. To say that I was a fan of Captain N is an understatement. I was Captain N.

Later, after over a dozen schools, I finally found a kindred spirit, someone who was just as obsessed with video games as I was, and had a yard full of PVC piping that was ready to be any magical item we could imagine. When I share my experiences about drugs, relationships, sex, disobedience, and rebellion, it is hard to pinpoint where it all started in my life. While many people experience these in high school, I actually waited until I was asked to leave before I started my experimentation. In high school I was ditching class to hang out in the computer labs and drama department (which is hilarious if you know what I do for a living). When I wasn’t getting the most that elective classes had to offer, I was at Kevin’s house, or more specifically, Kay-sief, the collaborative world I had been invited to build in.

We would do something that is like LARP, but with less rules, more free-form story-telling. We would transition between characters and scenes seamlessly. One moment you were telling the story, the next you were in it. I didn’t realize it then, but what we had was the purest form of expression, interactive play-theater, teens acting like children, fortunate enough to not have been told that we were too old to still push the boundaries of our personalities in order to understand and empathize with the people and world around us.

Sometimes I feel bitter about my late teen years. Besides the fact that I could have had an adult support me while I went to school, I wish the adults around my friends had seen in us the creative spark, and had nurtured it more. It isn’t a regret for me, I have really enjoyed the trials of my life, but when I think back, I should have received a scholarship for Speech and Debate, I should have attended a local community college and then moved on to a local university.

I don’t want this resentment to grow into regret, so I am making up for lost time now. I want to nurture this spark, draw from the deep well of ideas that spring forward from me in my most sleep-deprived—and thus my least fortified—moments of consciousness.

Video games have inspired me in a permanent way. If they were drugs, or weapons, or bad behavior, we would say that I am scarred. Fortunately, the gaming layer on top of the media of my generation combined into a form of expressive art that continue to serves as an outlet for me. However, I want something more. My role is too passive.

I want to build worlds.

Surreality in two minutes

My tea is done steeping, and orenji is rebooted, picking up the wifi.

I look to my right, because I like seeing which blogs people read, always hoping it is something pornographic. It is an about page. The author is “a writer… sometimes artist… wants to be a geographer”. I am not sure what a geographer is. Sidebar shows links to “Sites I Like”. A site I created is listed.

I don’t look to my left, but I am aware of the landscape Moleskin open, dark ink making pleasant shapes, solid block of text. The person is sipping coffee, a paper cup with a lid. I know this because a few moments later the lid came off the cup and it slowly poured its contents onto the notebook, the pleasant ink, dyeing it and the other objects on the table the light brown of coffee and whichever white substance people put in coffee.

I am not alone. Everyone is connected to me, or more specifically, they are me.

My tea is delicious.